Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Deaf girl's trip to the Peaks

As I promised, I would write about my recent trip to the Peak District last week. 
I travelled with my boyfriend and his best friend (yep, two guys and myself!). 
I felt a bit apprehensive about it before hand and had my worries, but I actually really enjoyed myself and would love to go back! 

We went from Tuesday and left Friday morning, camping for 2 nights and stayed 1 night in a hostel (a very nice one by the way!). We did plenty of walking and the views were amazing! The photos just don't do their justice. 

As you can imagine, it was pretty cold and windy. Those of you who wear hearing aids would understand the difficulty of communicating with this constant wind blowing into the microphone of your hearing aid/s making a 'shhhhhhh' noise. Anyone familiar with this?

I was a pretty slow walker in comparison to the fully grown guys I was with. I kept saying "I have little legs!". Often when they responded regarding this or something different (from a good distance) I usually couldn't hear them. I mean, they could've said something important like, "watch out there's a man-eating sheep behind you!" (Of course, not that there are 'man eating' sheep... That was just a random example!). 
I was fine though! 

We did some rock climbing (as you can see above). I was a bit nervous about falling off the edge as my balance sometimes lets me down! So as you can see my boyfriend is holding me tight. He's just lovely! 

Overall, I had a fab time. I felt reassured knowing I was safe with a lifeguard and a paramedic! ... That is actually true by the way! Looking forward to some future trips up there! 
Here's a few more pictures:

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