Monday, 7 March 2016

Deaf girl jumps for joy!

Hi guys! 

I wanted to write a short post about my trip to Jump Street, based in Colchester. In case you haven't heard of Jump Street, here is a picture of inside: 

The general idea is to jump about on the trampolines... Obviously! Although, there are different kinds of activities ranging from, dodgeball (jumping from one square to another), basketball (the basket was different heights, so you basically bounce and throw the ball) and there was an opportunity for free style jumping. To find out more, check it out: 

When we arrived, it came to my attention that before we were aloud to have some fun, we had to watch a short safety video outlining the 'do's and don't's'. Straight away at the Reception, my boyfriend asked whether there would be subtitles for me, to ensure I understand the safety rules. To my surprise, YES! I was very happy indeed. This ticked the first box of accessibility for deaf custom!

Overall, I had a great time. It certainly was very busy... Kids everywhere! So basically pretty noisy and hard to hear everything. But it wasn't really a place to sit down and have a conversation, because we're obviously too busy having so much fun! :-)

One problem I came across was the dodgeball game. There was a member of staff who was supervising the game. She overlooked the game to ensure it was going smoothly and verbally signalled when you were out. Obviously you can understand why I found this difficult. Too busy bouncing around and getting into the game to realise I was out sometimes! Oops! I didn't realise until looking at the lady who was supervising. Although, this wasn't a major issue, just something that seemed to happen. I had my lovely boyfriend who helped me out most times and signalled if I was out (only if he was sitting on the side lines because he was out himself! Haha!) 

Overall, I was very impressed with accessibility. I know there is nothing you can really do about the noise, but it made me feel happy that the organisation had considered deaf custom! 

Thanks Jump Street! 

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