Monday, 1 February 2016

Trip to MacDonalds 'drive thru'

You may judge the title of this post and think "what the heck has this got to do with deaf awareness?!" 
Keep reading my friend, and you may agree with me on this one.

Well, after a tiring day back at Uni for my final semester (lip reading and straining to hear) I fancied a macdonalds! (Who doesn't?!) 
ANYWAY, after a few minutes of "Mum I'm hungry and tired" and "cor I fancy a macdonalds!" (Haha! I know! I sound like a child!), we decided to head over to macdonalds - only 5 minutes from the train station. I insisted we go through the 'drive thru' as its more efficient especially when there's no one in the queue! 
Mum did the talking in the speaker because OH MY GOD the clarity was appalling! I know I'm pretty deaf, but Mum (who has normal hearing) said it wasn't clear! For me it was just a 'crrrrshhhh' however you decribe it! 
Then I thought about it more... Why don't MacDonalds make their 'drive thru' accessible for all? Perhaps some visual screening? Or text or some sort, so we don't have to rely on hearing through the speaker with poor clarity. Why should we have to walk in and get our own food? It's unfair. The 'drive thru' (depending on how busy it is) is so much quicker. If you're quickly grabbing lunch, or breakfast, or dinner on your way to work or heading home. 

Not only McDonalds, but KFC and all the other fast food places with a 'drive thru'.

What do you guys think? 
What could be done?
Has anyone had any experiences? Good or bad? 

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  1. I think there should a touch screen menu placed near the car on the drive thru. A deaf person (or anyone) can notify the staff they can't hear/communicate well or prefer to use this method. Actually, they don't have to inform them exactly why. I know some McDonalds have touch screen menus inside, so why not on the drive thru. On one hand, it could be time consuming because other customers would have to wait longer. On the other hand, it creates more positive experience. I've seen some deaf people forcing themselves to go inside to order, rather than the drive thru. It is more hassle for them because some people just want to pick up their food while they're sat in the car. I can't blame them! :)