Thursday, 14 January 2016

Enough is enough! (Cinema complaint)

Enough is enough and I really needed to get my point across to them about their 'accessible' services. Hopefully referring to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 will wake them up a bit! 
Here is my complaint email: 

I have requested many times about showing more subtitled screenings in your cinema via Twitter, which I am sure you are aware of as I have done this numerous times. I'm partially deaf myself and rely on subtitles to watch movies and tv programmes etc. So I can keep up with the story line plot. 

I'm sure you are aware of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995? The legislation requires public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. By law, service providers are required  to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people to help them to overcome barriers that they may face in accessing and using goods and services. 

I appreciate you are currently screening subtitled screenings 'now and then', sometimes in the second week of release (sometimes!) Although, when referring back to the law of accessible services, this is not considered accessible every day. 

May I make a recommendation of how you could improve your services? I understand you have many screen rooms on your premises? Perhaps I could suggest that one or two of these screening rooms could show subtitled films all day every day? You'd be surprised how many more deaf customers/general customers this would attract! I recently visited your cinema with my hearing boyfriend and his hearing friends to watch a subtitled film, and the cinema was almost full of people! I'm sure most of them were hearing as there were a few familiar faces!
I really think you should consider this! There are many hearing impaired people like myself who really enjoy the cinema but unfortunately are unable to go as much as we would like to. I work weekends in a retail shop and attend Uni some weeks days. You have provided two screenings a week for one film on one occasion and I was unable to attend due to it beginning later evening.
There are hearing people like myself with commitments who can still find alternative times to attend the cinema. But being deaf with limited subtitled screenings which i cannot attend, this is a bit unfair as I don't have to freedom to attend alternative times whenever I want. I appreciate your current efforts, but I think you need to be made aware that your services are not accessible and this is unlawful. I really hope you listen to my comments and really appreciate the time you've taken to read this. 

I apologise for venting my frustrations, but something really needs to be said. 
really love the cinema and I would love to attend more often, but limited subtitled screenings really isn't enough and still not considered accessible. 

One should be able to access and use your premises any point during any day in the week. I understand this is difficult, but it is unlawful. I understand currently you have many audio descriptive screenings as I have noticed which is great and accessible for people who are in need of this. I just wish the same could be done for subtitles. 

One of your staff have said to me in the past that subtitles are needed for the 'minority' customers which really offended me because I felt like I didn't matter. 

If your cinema was more accessible I would sign up to your unlimited cineworld card, but for me that would be a waste of money, paying monthly for something I cannot access. My hearing boyfriend has one and throughly enjoys the cinema like myself and make use of his, although in a year we have only been able to watch two subtitled films together which is a shame. 

It is known to me that there are many hearing people who actually don't mind subtitles and find them useful as sometimes clarity isn't very good in movies. I understand some people do not like subtitles and find them annoying in which is why I have suggested that perhaps one or two of your screening rooms could be for screening subtitled films all day every day. This would attract more hearing impaired film lovers like myself if you perhaps advertised your improved accessibility. 

Please could you consider this because it's really upsetting how i keep missing out on films and have to wait until the dvd is in the shops. This is not just for me, but many other people. You can benefit from this as you will attract deaf custom or more hearing custom. 

Kind regards 

Here is an example of a film that has provided screenings on one occasion, but is not accessible on a daily basis of even a regular basis for subtitled users! 

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