Friday, 6 November 2015

My tea party fundraiser!

The raffle prizes
As you may know, I am once again, taking part in a fundraising challenge for Action on Hearing Loss. I will be running up the steps of the Heron Tower in London (approx 900-1000 steps). Collecting funds was particularly slow this year, so this forced me to consider some other ways I could raise funds, rather than just asking people. 

My Mum and I had a think and she came up with an amazing idea for having a fundraising tea party! We even decided to do a raffle too for fun! Rather than just having 'smellies' and chocolates as prizes, I asked local businesses if they would donate some prizes. We received a £10 bowling voucher, a beauty salon voucher, 8 free swimming vouchers, a free cut and blow dry and some donations from the shop I work in (M&CO). We also had chocolates too- of course and many other fab prizes! 

Scrummy cakes we made!
We made some invitations and handed them out to neighbours, family and friends and the turn out was brilliant! By 11:30 (the first half hour) the living room was full of people! It was brilliant! Obviously it made it harder for me to 'mingle' because of everyone talking at once! 

My elderly neighbours from next door, Jim, and his wife attended. He happens to wear hearing aids and really struggles coping with it. I always speak to him and encourage him to try new things. Today we spoke about tinnitus and I gave him some coping strategies to try out to help relax him. He went into the kitchen because I think the noise was too much for him. So I simply excused myself and went to speak to him. I know the horrible isolating feeling, so I wanted him to feel included and had a good laugh with him and compared experiences.  

The invites we designed
Overall, it was a brilliant day! I had so much fun! Even if I didn't have a clue what people were saying most of the time! Haha! But they were all understanding and all there to support my fundraiser and the wonderful charity, Action on Hearing Loss. I made £81.00 for the raffle tickets which was brilliant as the prizes attracted people. 
So overall today I raised a massive £238.00! Now my overall total is so far is.... £486.00

If you would like to donate to my just giving page, the link is on my Twitter page: 'Goldy Deaf Awareness'. I will be donating all funds towards the Biomedical Research area of the charity. 

Louise x 

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