Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another trip to the zoo!

So me and my boyfriend took another trip to Colchester Zoo for the day! Once again it was a lovely day out, we even got a bit of sun! For any deaf individual who loves the zoo, I would recommend perhaps visiting Colchester zoo. It is very visual and therefore inclusive for those who may have a hearing impairment. 
I particularly loved the sensory experiences where you can get up close to the animals. This time we visited the Lemur enclosure and managed to get very close to a Lemur which climbed onto us! It appeared to like my handbag and licked my bottle of Sprite! Soo cute though! 
We were transported to the Lemur enclosure by a little train that goes around the zoo. The only thing that I can fault is that the lady driver was speaking through a microphone I think? Someone www talking! But I obviously didn't hear it. But it was still nice to just look around! I'm quite a visual person so I wasn't too bothered! Had an all round lovely day though! 

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