Saturday, 2 April 2016

My meeting at Cineworld

Hi guys! 

Just thought I would give you an update about my meeting with the manager of my local Cineworld...
I will be in constant contact with the manager regarding films I wish to see in future and suitable times, so I have more chance to see the films I want to see.

With regards to the general deaf population, I have advised that my comments raised will be passed on to the customer services and the headquarters to ensure everyone can benefit. Although, each chain has different policies. I would highly recommend you guys to work alongside the managers of your local cinemas to meet your needs!

I made a formal complaint regarding a message I received from customer services stating "the majority of customers do not require subtitles". I found that extremely offensive and highlighted this as a form of discrimination. 

Very happy with the outcome, not all what I wanted to hear, but I made some suggestions about freeing up one or two screening rooms to play subtitle films which they will look into further. Of course I also highlighted to them the positive financial impact of increased deaf custom if they advertised their cinema as 'deaf friendly'. 

Overall, I am very happy with their cooperation and response! 

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