Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A rant about my local Cinema company

I wanted to write a blog post to express my deepest disappointment for my local cinema, Cineworld. 

It frustrates me so much, words cannot describe about their lack of subtitled screenings. I was looking through the films on my phone last night, carefully selecting each box saying 'subtitled' just to see whether there were any screenings.... No there wasn't. See below for what it looked like for each film I looked at:

I have contacted them a number of times via Twitter regarding this. Each time I haven't got anywhere with them.
I have sent a complaint last night... I doubt that will go anywhere.

I don't just want more subtitled screenings for my area. I'm speaking on behalf of all the people who want to go to the cinema but can't, because of the lack of subtitles.

I'm afraid to say, this is discrimination. The Disability Discrimination Act, clearly states that public services should make 'reasonable adjustments' in order to make their services fully accessible for all. Not just cinemas, but other organisations tend to believe that they are fully accessible and inclusive just because they have installed a few ramps here and there. NO. What about the hearing impaired?

I appreciate Cineworld have considered Audio described screenings. I haven't looked into this, but I'm sure there are limited screenings for that too.
I'm horrified by the lack of subtitles. Not only does it make me angry, it really does upset me. The number of times I miss out on films that I want to see. 
Because of this, I can't be a 'normal friend' and see a film with my best friends and I can't be a 'normal girlfriend' and see a film with my boyfriend 'S'. It is SO  UNFAIR! 

There should be screenings EVERYDAY for EVERY film. Not just one screening  e.g. 11:00 in the morning. There should be options to choose from. We should be able to have a choice to make what screenings we want to see. Even if there was a subtitled screening, it shouldn't be the case of "we better get to the cinema for 11:00 as that is the only subtitled screening!!", it should be "we have a choice, there are subtitled screenings at 11:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00!" Something like that. 

This is not just benefiting people like myself, Cineworld and other cinema organisations would benefit from this too! If their cinema was made more accessible, this would attract more customers like myself (I would probably come on a weekly basis, or every other week!). There would be an increase in custom because it would be an inclusive cinema!

Sorry for my constant moaning everyone. I'm just deeply disappointed. Luckily, the Action on Hearing Loss regional winner (East/Midlands) for passion in action will not give up! I will take my complaint further. Hearing impaired/deaf individuals should no longer feel like 2nd class citizens (some of us do!). I won't give up!

If any cinema organisation is reading this... Take note!   

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