Thursday, 28 May 2015

My 2nd rotary speech

Just a brief update! 

I delivered my second deaf awareness public speech with a lovely lady from Action on Hearing Loss. We pretty much spoke about the charity's amazing work and then I added my own personal touch and spoke about my personal experiences! I was so overwhelmed afterwards by the positive feedback! 
So many people approached me just to tell me how "fantastic" and "inspirational" I am. I'm beaming right now! 

There was an opportunity to ask questions afterwards which was great, this soon turned into a discussion about hearing loss. It was brilliant! The audience were so interested and asking plenty of questions. We also received a cheque donation and also some cash donations... RESULT! 

On another note, next week I will be heading to London to collect an award for my passion and dedication for raising awareness. Even better eh?! 
I'm determined to keep going and continue to raise awareness, perhaps in schools next time? We will see what the future brings.... 

Top of the world right now!

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