Sunday, 1 March 2015

My first fundraising challenge for Action On Hearing Loss!

As part of my journey towards acceptance, I made the decision to get involved with the charity 'Action on Hearing Loss'. I decided I was going to take part in a charity fundraising challenge to raise money that goes towards biomedical research and support/services.

My challenge involved walking up the BT Tower in London. Sound easy?
Well, I did not mention that it was 842 steps, did I? - Not so easy then!

Usually people would think that it is like everyday walking up the stairs - "it will be like a walk in the park" people would say. Well, not unless you have tried it out yourself, you will find you have to make a few stops every now and then to catch your breath! Although, there were 'super fit' people who managed to run most of it/all of it!

The good news... I DID IT! My time was 13 minutes and 49 Seconds! (Much quicker than I expected- trust me!)
I raised £950.00, which I feel is a massive achievement! I'm so so proud and I am not afraid to say it! 

Here are a couple of pictures from the day...

Goldy x



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