Sunday, 1 March 2015

For The Lovely People In My Life.

One of the positive aspects of living with a  hearing impairment is the support and encouragement I have received over the years from friends and family. As a result I have become closer to a lot of people and still am with most of them!

These people in the photographs below are those who I have been lucky to know/know. I don't see most of them as much as I would like to due to living so far apart (University and other commitments) but I know that I will never forget the support they have given me!

I would consider myself incredibly lucky to know these people! They have helped me so much over the years through my bad and good moments and as a result my confidence has improved a lot over the years. I am still not there yet, but I know with their support I will soon get there!

If any of your are reading this post, I do apologise if you hate the photo I chose! (forgive me!) It was such a difficult decision because there were so many lovely memories to choose from!

Goldy x


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