Thursday, 26 March 2015

Deaf girl dating

Well, I'm not one to kiss and tell so I'll keep it short. As some of you may know, I'm back on the dating scene and went on my first date in 3 years! - I know, jeez! So it's safe to say, I was absolutely crapping myself. It wasn't the normal things like "what do I wear?" And "what do I say?". But instead it was "how is he going to react about the fact that I am dependant on hearing aids?"

Well, he didn't care at all! He just questioned why would he care? 
So, all that worry for nothing! Eh?
Dating and deafness is a taboo subject in my eyes, so I wanted everyone to see, we have feelings too! We're the same as any ordinary person! Obviously to date a deaf person/Hearing impaired you need to have a lot of patience and understanding which is what I told this guy yesterday. Obviously I was worried because he has a very outgoing lifestyle and I was dreading the thought of keeping up with that when I can't hear half the time! (Noisy pubs etc) We'll see what happens with that....

ANYWAY, it is important that you are not ashamed and you are upfront and honest. The first date location is extremely important because that's where you judge with first impressions. In my case, I chose a quiet pub and we sat outside where there was no one about... Except the occasional DRILL... But I won't go into how annoying that was!

When you tell a girl or guy that you are deaf, if you are worried about how they will react or worried it will make things awkward.. Don't be! I laughed it off by saying "I don't have the hearing of a dog ... But I'm quite a cool person!" And "I'm not staring at your lips lovingly, just lip reading!" That is the best way to approach things!! And what happened? I felt so much better and he joked back.

So my tip for today: never be ashamed and just be yourself... You'd be surprised most of the time they're ok with it! :-) 

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