Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Back on the dating scene...

So, as it goes.. I have a 'kind of date' tomorrow. It's safe to say, I'm actually really nervous! It's been 3 years I think since I've done this. I am hoping that I've chosen a quiet enough place to go (pub) I've been there before on a Wednesday lunch time and it was DEAD... Perfect! So I'm hoping it will be dead tomorrow so I can hear! 
The reason why I've called it a 'kind of date' is because this guy wants to get to know me and see what I'm like and make some judgements about me and decide whether I'm good enough for him! This makes me hugely nervous because I've also got to tell him about my deafness. I'm actually really worried about how he is going to react! At the moment im thinking of all of the worst case scenarios such as: "what if I don't hear him?!". I'm not worried about normal things such as what to talk about and what to wear! All I'm worried about is hearing the damn guy! 

Can anyone relate or offer me some tips?! I'm a bit rusty!

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