Monday, 2 March 2015

No, I don't have 2 heads or 4 eyes... Just hearing aids!

So, I'm sat here in a cafe in my usual spot in the corner during my lunch break at Uni and just thinking "OMG! I can't believe how fast my second year has flown!". I'm half way through my 3 year degree, I absolutely despise studying most of the time! But then again I enjoy it. sometimes... To a certain extent. I like researching for particular topics such as 'Inclusive Practice' etc. Areas that interest me. But I absolutely hate all of the coursework that we are set! Don't get me started on the presentations! -Haha! Nightmare! ... Then again, that's completely normal to feel this way, isn't it? 

Whilst reflecting on student life so far, I'm thinking more about the social aspects of  it all. It hasn't been the greatest experience if I'm honest. Most of the people I have met are so lovely! But I hate to say, it's not as I imagined it. 
I usually have this attitude in my mind: "it's not my problem, it's their problem". But today I know that my hearing is the reason behind people's awkwardness with me (some people). Obviously it's not my fault because as I like to say for a laugh: "I was born this way baby!". But people are so ignorant and narrow minded, I feel sad to say, around 95% of the people I have encounters with are awkward about my deafness. 

I make that mental comparison between how my close friends and family act around me (totally chilled!) and then I think about some of the people whom I am referring to behave... And you can really tell the difference! I would put it down to lack of awareness and understanding.

I strongly feel that people need to be educated about hearing loss. This is why I am raising awareness. I shouldn't be made to feel different! I'm totally normal! If you were to give me a chance, you could see how I am your average 20 year old female. I'm always up for a good old natter and a giggle and I have been told that I have a great sense of humour! (Just me being me!). 

The title of this post reflects on my feelings around those people who are 'awkward' around me. If I don't hear the first time, no worries! Just repeat what you said again! It doesn't bother me... ONLY if you are going to act awkward about it! It's totally unnecessary! I just laugh it off and say to the person what I thought they said (which is wrong almost every time!). Instead, around 95% of the time I get someone looking back at me as if I have 2 heads or 4 eyes (my title). 

My advice for those who are communicating with people like myself: CHILL OUT guys! Give us a chance! I'm not a scary dinosaur! ... I may not have the best hearing in the world, but HEY! I have  so much more to offer! I'm down to earth, I love a laugh etc. 

Bear this in mind. 

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