Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Poem I Wrote Myself (Based On My Own Personal Experiences)


I still do grieve for the loss in my ears,
13 years on from diagnosis,
I still find myself trembling in tears,
But that is not what it is about,
The lack of awareness in the world today,
Is so so frustrating,
The hearing impaired still have to pay,
Even if we do not deserve it.
We are not at fault,
But it is society today,
Who are unaware of the problems we face,
We have a way of getting through things at our own pace.
Please try and remember to look at me,
Let me in on your conversations,
We could even possibly be,
Friends, the very best,
We can hold great conversations,
Even though we are partly deaf,
I’m perfectly normal,
Maybe slightly deaf,
But that does not make me different from the rest,
Please understand and have an open mind,
Friendship like ours is one of a kind.

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